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Designing a Chemical Program Specific for Your Asset

 Saving Money on Chemical Spend

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Who understands what chemistry you need for your specific job?

 Who understands the chemical interaction with your unique conate and make-down water and mineralogy?

Roughneck Chemical Consulting does.

Proven record of getting providers the right chemistry to make the best wells.

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Kimberley Mac Ewen Ph.D.

President Roughneck Chemical Consulting

Would you order food off a menu in a language you don't understand? Would you trust the waiter to make your decisions for you? When it comes to purchasing chemistry for use in your wells, like the food off the foreign menu, you may not get what was optimum and will probably overpay. Dr. Kimberley Mac Ewen President of Roughneck Chemical Consulting has more than 20 years in the oilfield chemical manufacturing industry and translates the chemical menu.


When Roughneck Chemical Consulting is on your team, they cut to the chase and get you the chemistry you need at the best price removing all the hand waving and sales pitches. Roughneck has a proven record of saving millions of dollars for major E&P operators. Call us today to discuss how we can enhance your chemical program and save you time and money.

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Is there a particular chemical challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

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