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Dedicated & Experienced

I’m a highly organized and detail-oriented Consultant with a knack for strategy and the ability to prioritize effectively. I take pride in my academic and professional achievements.


November 2018 - January 2022

My role includes the development of new water-soluble polymer technologies and innovative strategies across the Stimulation division from conceptual design through commercialization. I collaborate with various business units across our sites to help drive new technologies, chemical and process development, and innovations that will advance strategy and long-term business growth. More specifics include but not limited to

o    Participate as part of IOS’s leadership team and lead the organization in support of new product technology, development, and growth

o    Work with customer and business needs to develop, evaluate and implement new technologies 

o    Provide technical guidance for scale-up and the manufacturing of new chemical technologies

o    Direct the product line growth and implementation based on customer needs and business targets

o    Direct product improvements based on customer feedback

Support ongoing customer education (via Lunch-n-Learn sessions) in all aspects of specific chemistries used in EOR, Stimulation, Production, Drilling, Cementing etc. Additionally, I recruit and develop a team of lab R&D scientists while enhancing the lab’s best practices meeting all the oil industry requirements. Maintain and create links between the corporate R&D centers of E&P companies, Tier II and III and Service companies. Also, to maintain ongoing communication and education with the R&D teams in Ellesmere Port UK.


January 2014 - November 2018

My responsibilities included leading all production, EOR, drilling, cementing, and stimulation activities of the lab in liaison with the key internal stakeholders (R&D, Sales, Business, Engineering), from the customer request phase to field implementation. This includes but not limited to  
o    Monomer selection and characterization
o    Water soluble polymer synthesis and process optimization
o    QC/QA testing for products
o    Rheology in solution and in porous media
o    API type characterization testing and customer specific testing
o    Iterative product improvement based on customer feedback
Additionally, I recruit and develop a team of lab scientists while enhancing the lab’s best practices meeting all the oil industry requirements, as well as build and deploy lab reference documentation and methodologies. I am responsible to foster cross-fertilization initiatives at targeted Universities and Institutes involved in Petroleum technology.  To promote the laboratory’s added value and benefits to customers while working directly with our Sales/marketing team. To create unique links with the R&D corporate centers of major E&P and Services Companies.  Finally, to maintain the continuous information and learning flow with the corporate R&D organization in France.


May 2011 - December 2013

Synthesizing as well as performance testing new and innovative polymeric scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, shale stabilizers, friction reducers, viscosifiers and foamers to be used in the drilling, production, stimulation and EOR  oilfield segments. Taking Oilfield chemicals from the lab to full scale production. Visiting customers with key account managers for technical presentations, as well as customer technical support.

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